“Ahead of the world…
The world on its head”

Ali & Co, the Cabinet Of Extraordinary Ideas, was born in 2011 as a fantastic alliance.

One the one side — Ali, a man with an untrammeled imagination and the will to see his ideas made reality; and on the other side — Co, his genie, a creature of infinite curiosity and a predilection for whimsy and mischief!

A mission and vision in 3 words: Quality, Innovation and Reliability

Our watches are manufactured in compliance with current watchmaking standards by industry professionals with extensive expertise.

This statement highlights the quality and compliance of our watches with the standards of the watchmaking industry, as well as the expertise of our team of professionals in their manufacturing.

The reversible Mysterali

The hands appear to be moving through invisible means, suspended in the middle of the fully transparent dial — a reference to the horological tradition of mystery clocks and watches.

A patent has been awarded on the movement, which utilizes an innovative mechanism to adapt the mystery time display for a quartz watch without a stabilizing central axis.

Turn the watch over and the immediate shock of seeing the hands proceed anti-clockwise is undercut by the inescapable logic of it — time being kept as precisely and as impeccably as we’ve ever known, but told in a fundamentally unfamiliar way.


Blue-black, red-black, orange-white, green-white, white-black, turquoise-white


Mysterali 2015


41 mm


11.56 mm

Water resistance

50 m / 5 ATM

Strap material

Synthetic material (polymeres)


Ali&Co patented quartz Mysterious movement


parallax background

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